William Klein’s 1976 film The Model Couple deserves its critical acclaim not just because of its darkly Orwellian prescient themes of surveillance and technology, but also because of its undeniable humour. It’s a scathing satiric humdinger of a sci-fi, continually poking fun at societal aspirations for perfection and government control. Our two hapless newly-wed protagonists gullibly walk into a world of experimentation and examination as their every move, whisper and sexual urge is scrutinised and documented by a team of researchers intent on finding a formula for happiness. And it’s this idea of forced happiness, of a one-size-fits-all environment that I wanted to convey in my poster – from the confines the couple are forced to exist in under the Big Brother microscope, to the reflective use of the paper to represent a warped, tacky, atmosphere of solipsism which flows through the film. I’ve also very much enjoyed riffing off Klein’s satiric nature to poke in the eye the fluttering eyelids of societal attitudes striving to attain perfection, which is why my piece includes a tongue-in-cheek take on Leonardo Di Vinci’s perfect man.

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